Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cucumbers and Squash

Today, Heidi and Angie transplanted all the cucumbers, winter squash, summer squash, and watermelons from the greenhouse into the growing beds. Following torential rains last night, the soil was heavily saturated therefore the plants were mounded into hills. To prevent early pest infestations, the plants were covered in Remay. The weather is changing, a strong warm front is pushing through tonight and tomorrow with predicted highs into the 80's by the weeks end. Excitement is building as the beginning of the summer agriculture semester approaches.


Cowslip said...

What is "Remay"?

Any chance you could post a photo of how you mounded your plants for pest protection. I'm curious about the technique. I have never seen that done before.

Very interesting program. I'll be checking back to see how your growing/learning season progresses...

Rick said...

Remay is a soft, porous cloth placed over the row which allows sunlight and moisture to pass through while keeping pests at bay. There is no special "hilling" under the cloth however you should allow for excess water to drain under the cloth and away from the crops. Do not be fooled into believing that young crops under the cloth are immune from pest infestation, you should check crops daily. Thanks for you interest.