Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Row Crops: Beans, Potatoes, and Sunflowers

As part of our continued interest in using draft animals as primary source of traction on the farm, I have recently introduced a horsedrawn tillage laboratory to our curriculum which includes row crops such as potatoes, beans, sunflowers, and corn. Students learn how to use horsedrawn equipment for tillage, cultivation, and harvesting. Occasionally, a plant or two gets damaged--I have learned that the best teacher is direct feedback as a new skill is being taught--students always keep a great sense of humor as they continue down the row. Clearly, students enjoy this time discovering a wonderful relationship between the horses, the equipment, and themselves.

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Elizabeth Flint said...

I think using draft horses to do all your field work is really amazing...I own 22 draft horses and thats what we do on our farm. I was suppose to do the class this summer but couldnt, I look forward to maybe doing it next year. Tell Rick I say hi please. Thanks

Elizabeth Flin