Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Training Teamsters with Good Horses

Today, rising teamsters drilled with Pete, Carson, and Rex while negotiating a variety of obstacles designed to imitate situations our work horses will encounter while working in the woods--backing, stepping over debris, listening, turning on the forehand and hindquarters, and general line management. These drills build confidence in both the teamster and the horse in a low-risk environment while preparing both for work in more difficult scenarios.


keesler said...

come on:

the language for humans truely is just for me- i will have to start saying it in my own head instead of outloud to the horses who have no care for this overuse of speech...
thank you pete for teaching me what good command is all about- for paying attention and for listening to me.
tention was good and i felt we responded well to eachother-
i look forward to lessons still to come.

Anonymous said...

Alicia, true, horses do not understand complete sentences; however, the words and actions they know are communicated by you through the lines so learning those words and applying them at appropriate times is truly important. Your work today was wonderful, you and Pete were a nice team as you navigated the various obstacles; poetry in motion. Keep up the great work, your enthusiasm for learning is truly contagious. Rick

Martha said...

We just returned from our first summer trip in Craftsbury and visited the farm at the school. I had my grandchildren with me and had told them about the horses, they were sad when we went to the farm and they were not there. On afternoon we were waiting for Keith, my son, and the horses were being taken to the barn. We were all so happy to see them again! The rest of the time at the farm the children watched the goats, wateched Keith bottle feed the calf named "Pig" and just absorbed the beauty all around. Our visits up there always give us fond memories and we feel sad when we leave for the trip back home to N.J. Looking forward to family weekend in October.
Martha a/k/a Keith Doerfler's mom