Friday, August 15, 2008

How things change over time.

So here I am living in the woods in my tent. Nobody, including myself, would ever have guessed that I once was terrified of the forest and the mysteries within. Really—I was terrified. Vermont itself was scary to me. I felt like I had no business being within Vermont, and it had nothing for me. But here I am on a crazy hill called Craftsbury in the Northeast Kingdom completely sidetracked from where I thought my life was going. But I very quickly came to realize that I was in fact not sidetracked, but going in the perfect direction. Though school has been a struggle for me personally, Sterling College has done incredible amounts for me, and the biggest aspect I believe is introducing me to agriculture. Agriculture to me five years ago was the grocery store and shelves being restocked at night. Now, agriculture to me is closing the systems, figuring out how farms (including Sterling) can improve the connection between nature and wildlife and to work with both aspects to enhance both the farm system and surrounding ecosystems. Its funny how things work out sometimes, it really is. I am not able to bring myself to go home to suburbia, New York, but I am so happy. There is no history of farming in my family, but I am confident to say that I am thrilled to continue my life with the track I am now on by creating harmony between the farm and wildlife, to help serve a community and one day pass on my gathered knowledge to the next generation to maintain healthy ecosystems. With all of that said, I think I’m going to go into the woods now to the swimming hole. Third day of sun in a row now—it’s worth celebrating.


Rick Thomas said...

I arrived at Sterling nearly 11 years ago to revitalize the draft horse program--little did I know how the program would revitalize me. I have now worked ten different horses across those years, each has taught me so much.
Each time a student realizes a piece of their potential, my heart soars. I am so thrilled to read this post, you are truly a shining star here and I hope your work remains fulfilling as you embark on the next stage of your journey.

Anonymous said...

Alison this post was amazing. I love miss and admire you

Sissy said...

I really wish you would come home to the burbs..... just for a day or two!! They miss you, and so do I:(