Thursday, June 19, 2008

Driving Journal 06-19-08

This morning I met Rick Thomas at the farm. I was alone, my group partner Zarren is still recovering from a nasty illness which has beat him into submission; hopefully he will recover soon and be back to his normal, hard working, self. Rick was riding Carson, his least seen horse on the Sterling property, who can get easily startled when his daily routine is changed. For the class time Rick brought out Pete, one of the common faces around Sterling nowadays. He taught me how to tie a quick release knot when tying a horse to a hitch, grooming, commands on how to go, stop, turn and back up, and how to keep them calm when walking outside. Horses are prey animals who are always suspicious of the surrounding world, ready to run from possible predators at a moments notice and it is your job as the owner, and companion, to ensure the horse that nothing will happen to it. The terminology is a bit tricky the first time around, but if we review it each time we meet there is no doubt that I will be able to remember what each part is called, for the horse and its equipment.

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Rick said...

William, very good insight and comprehension from today's driving clinic. I appreciate the way you understand the needs of a horse, especially since you have had no exposure to horses. I believe you are off to a great start and look forward to continuing our work together. Next time, we will move through the process of harnessing and ground driving Pete. Cheers. Rick