Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The three H's: Hot, Humid, and Hazy

"Off and running" might be a good analogy for our first day; not much down time as we are in the midst of seedbed preparation, cultivation, transplanting, direct seeding, and hay machinery maintenance. In addition to working, classes are underway and the evening hours are spent reading Coleman, Miller, Wessels, and a host of other great authors.

Sunday night, our students witnessed a solid demonstration of "Kingdom weather" as a thunderstorm arose to our north with a splendid display of lightning--the storm stayed to the north and we had only a bit of welcome rain. Students are getting comfortable in the tent village and small kinks are being worked out in our community structure and function. Mary has provided wonderful food for the first few days and the students seem to appreciate the love and concern she has for their nutrition.

Monday, Students worked through an introduction to Organic Crop Production with Heidi and Jeff and spent some time with hand tools in the garden. In the afternoon, Pete and Rex were harnessed and students enjoyed a light-hearted drive around the Common.

Tonight, students will travel to the University of Vermont to hear Michael Pollen describe his new book: In Defense of Food.

The heat is scheduled to break tonight, thundershowers are in the forecast and some drier, cooler weather is predicted for the next few days-might be heading into our first cut of hay by next week.

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