Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring Lambs

With frost warnings again tonight, tomatoes and strawberries will spend the night in the hothouse. On the farm, we purchased 13 new lambs from a local flock owner, these lambs will combine with the seven of those born here to complete our sheep flock for the summer. Chores will now consist of lamb management(vaccinations, deworming, tagging, banding, and weighing) with the goal of producing premium grass-fed carcasses for the nourishment of the Sterling College community. In the fall, students enrolled in Agriculture Techniques will trim hooves, shear, supervise the transportation and oversee the butchering of the carcasses based on the needs of the kitchen. We will manage the sheep, as with all our grazers, following good rotational grazing practices and hope that in addition to sound-growing animals, we can improve our pastures to grow good grass and other beneficial species of forage.

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sami hicks said...

i didnt hear that ag tech was going to be doing more with the lambs! thats really exciting and i look forward to it